End of Year Party 2011

I have a wonderful party tonight, which had been hold by the GI Mates. This is my first party when I get in Australia for about 4 months.I am the really new one for this GI Mates, but I am pretty sure that I will be the excellent one after my hard working for that.

In the party, I have talked with some Griffith staff there, and share my experience with the experienced GI Mates. Actually, I have got so many helps when I first in the Orientation. They helped me to fine the place to get the enrollment package, helped me to get the package, showed me how to enroll the courses, and even talked with me about the life in the uni. I think they can be described as the “Brothers and Sisters” to every first year International students. At that time, I really wanted to be the member of this amazing organizations, cause I really want to give other help.

Today, I have been the member of this fantastic organisations, I will give my help from next semester. That is kind of dream has come true. I will work as the good as other mates.

GI Mates is really new one, he needs people to give the passion, enthusiastic.

I am get ready for giving the passion, loyalty, enthusiastic, hard-working to this meaningful organization-GI Mates (Griffith International Mates.)


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