Brisbane, a City of Sunshine

Time flies. I have been in Brisbane for one and half year. I really like this city, very young, but full of passion.

Brisbane is located in Queensland, and in a very good location between Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. The Weather here is very good, not very hot, and not very cool.

I like Brisbane, because people here is so friendly that I have never seen before. We say “Hello”, “Thank you” to bus drivers when you get on or get off the bus. Even, when we have some problem on the street, people would like to help you, and make you to get what you want.

The Universities here are in the high level generally. There are five main universities in Brisbane.  The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology Griffith University, James Cook University, and Central Queensland University. The first three universities has their one of own campuses near the Brisbane River. They are all in the top of Australian Universities.

Brisbane, a city of Sunshine. Because people here are so hard working. Students are trying to get the best performance when there study. I like Brisbane, its sunshine, peaceful, beauty, and passion.


One response to “Brisbane, a City of Sunshine

  • Julian Carax

    Brisbane is surely the most liveable and safe cities I have been to. It is also a nice choice for any student either willing to learn English or graduating in an Australian institution.

    No wonder so many students who are eventually force to leave do miss this place.

    It’s probably far from being the prototype of the Australian city and obviously career opportunities are expected to be higher elsewhere, but people are really easygoing and one can easily get acquainted with so many foreign students.

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