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Cafe Rossa – New Place to Enjoy Campus Life

Do you want to have a nice lunch while catching up with friends or classmates?
Do you want to have a short break from class or study?
Griffith University Nathan campus, has a new cafe now at campus heart.
Food is very good, and the price is good for students to catch up.
Basically, I have lunch once week with friends, have a 20cms pizza, or very nice pasta.
catching up with friends, talk about study, and what is happening in life…
Here are some nice pics to have a quick look of the food here….

First time in life have 1 meter long pizza, with friends. And, this is just 20 dollars, and you can choose two different falvours from Menu.

Italian Style Pasta… very yummy….

Nice  soft drinks…

Very nice coffee from friendly stuff…

Last but not the least, very modern decoration…, with friendly staffs.

All best wishes for your study and having a great life on campus at Griffith University.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00 (Dining in)
Address: N76, Cafe Rossa, 170, Kessels Road, Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane, Australia, 4111

More information:

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Brisbane Racing Carnivals

Hi WordPress, 

How are you doing? Have not been here for a long time. Because, I am just so busy since this semester starts,

On Saturday (12th May 2012), I have been honorably invited into a Horse Racing in Brisbane. It was a great experience to get know the horse racing. Also, it is good to know what was the entertainment activities like centuries ago in the Royal family. 

Brisbane International Students Ambassadors had a great time here.

We were taking pics, and enjoyed a nice Horse racing.

Nice table settings with all the anniversary products.

They are readying to be the Champion! Good luck!


All the gentlemen from Brisbane International Student Ambassador. 

Girls with fancy hat from Brisbane International Student Ambassador… very posh! 

Personally, I really enjoyed the day, watching a nice racing, and spending a day with all my ambassadors. 

Thanks to Brisbane Marketing, and Study Brisbane. 

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