My Postgraduate – The University of Queensland

Good afternoon boys and girls,

I have not updated my blog for a long time.

How is everything going?

After all the decisions, I finally got enrolled into the World Top 1% university – The University of Queensland. Although I am just here for two weeks, I start like this place. I am sure I will be successful in my Postgraduate study.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is located in the central Brisbane and There are some convenient transports for Students to get into St Lucia Campus. City Cat is the famous transport. I always take City Cat to catch up with my lectures and tutorial, because on the way, I can have a nice view of Brisbane river. This just makes feel good.

On St Lucia campus, I guess the most famous place is Great Court, which looks very grateful from looking outside. There are not only an architecture, there are many lecture and tutorial rooms inside of the court.

UQ as top 4 university in Australia, has the world class teaching and learning facilities. There more plenty Macbooks in each library.  Moreover, there are some 24/7 libraries in St Lucia campus for students to individual study and group study.

Here are some pictures taken by myself to show you my new study environment.

Great Court… famous building in this campus

UQ Art Museum





Bus stop



24/7 library


World class study facility



I will stay here in this nice university for next 2 years. I am so sure that with these great facilities plus great teaching team, I will successful in my education and get towards to my career.

For more information, please find


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