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My Postgraduate – The University of Queensland

Good afternoon boys and girls,

I have not updated my blog for a long time.

How is everything going?

After all the decisions, I finally got enrolled into the World Top 1% university – The University of Queensland. Although I am just here for two weeks, I start like this place. I am sure I will be successful in my Postgraduate study.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is located in the central Brisbane and There are some convenient transports for Students to get into St Lucia Campus. City Cat is the famous transport. I always take City Cat to catch up with my lectures and tutorial, because on the way, I can have a nice view of Brisbane river. This just makes feel good.

On St Lucia campus, I guess the most famous place is Great Court, which looks very grateful from looking outside. There are not only an architecture, there are many lecture and tutorial rooms inside of the court.

UQ as top 4 university in Australia, has the world class teaching and learning facilities. There more plenty Macbooks in each library.  Moreover, there are some 24/7 libraries in St Lucia campus for students to individual study and group study.

Here are some pictures taken by myself to show you my new study environment.

Great Court… famous building in this campus

UQ Art Museum





Bus stop



24/7 library


World class study facility



I will stay here in this nice university for next 2 years. I am so sure that with these great facilities plus great teaching team, I will successful in my education and get towards to my career.

For more information, please find


Cafe Rossa – New Place to Enjoy Campus Life

Do you want to have a nice lunch while catching up with friends or classmates?
Do you want to have a short break from class or study?
Griffith University Nathan campus, has a new cafe now at campus heart.
Food is very good, and the price is good for students to catch up.
Basically, I have lunch once week with friends, have a 20cms pizza, or very nice pasta.
catching up with friends, talk about study, and what is happening in life…
Here are some nice pics to have a quick look of the food here….

First time in life have 1 meter long pizza, with friends. And, this is just 20 dollars, and you can choose two different falvours from Menu.

Italian Style Pasta… very yummy….

Nice  soft drinks…

Very nice coffee from friendly stuff…

Last but not the least, very modern decoration…, with friendly staffs.

All best wishes for your study and having a great life on campus at Griffith University.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00 (Dining in)
Address: N76, Cafe Rossa, 170, Kessels Road, Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane, Australia, 4111

More information:

[Click Here Read Traditional Chinese]


Brisbane Racing Carnivals

Hi WordPress, 

How are you doing? Have not been here for a long time. Because, I am just so busy since this semester starts,

On Saturday (12th May 2012), I have been honorably invited into a Horse Racing in Brisbane. It was a great experience to get know the horse racing. Also, it is good to know what was the entertainment activities like centuries ago in the Royal family. 

Brisbane International Students Ambassadors had a great time here.

We were taking pics, and enjoyed a nice Horse racing.

Nice table settings with all the anniversary products.

They are readying to be the Champion! Good luck!


All the gentlemen from Brisbane International Student Ambassador. 

Girls with fancy hat from Brisbane International Student Ambassador… very posh! 

Personally, I really enjoyed the day, watching a nice racing, and spending a day with all my ambassadors. 

Thanks to Brisbane Marketing, and Study Brisbane. 

Airport-Magic Place

Dear Blog,

How are you doing?

In the morning, because Griffith International has a new service for all new International Students, I went to Brisbane International Airport in the morning to be part of Airport reception crew member. This is a great idea for university to welcome its new International Students. Students feel more welcoming, and we answer different questions, head welcome pack, which includes campus maps, International student study Guide, and some useful information. So come along to see and talk to our GI Mates Airport reception crew, You will get more than what you except.

I found, airport is a quite magic place, isn’t it? Friends, relatives, couples, they hug, kiss, shake hands to express their emotion to their friends arrive in the country, but sometimes, people cry and do not want to leave in departure.

Also, this magic place holds hundreds of people’s dream. Businessmen come to here to start their business, pilot has their nice sky life start from airport. I think this is why I do like airport, and I love air craft. They are nice all the time. When the time the “Iron Bird” takes off to sky, people are excited about flying into sky, and cannot wait to get their destination.

I wish I could work in one of the airline or airport one day. I will put all enthusiastic, passion and responsibility in this magic place.

GI Mates

“Good morning, welcome to Griffith University, how can I help you?”

You will hear it all the time when you come to GI Mates during Orientation time in Griffith University. There is a group call “GI Mates“, which Making Arrival and Transition Easy for Students. This excellent team has work in university for around 6 years, and it gets more and more reputations.

It is my honor to be one of this excellent team. We help all new international student during the first week of orientation, give campus tour, helping them enrolling into courses, give panels, and What’s more? Welcome all the new students! Having been working with this team for about 1 year. New students always say “Jack, GI Mates has done so good jobs, I cannot imagine without you guys help, what could be during my orientation, and I feel so welcome when I first time come to this university.”

I like being GI Mates, trying my best to help students. Personally, I think the best part of the program is senior students use their own experiences to help new students, and it always works.

Moreover, in this big team, we are like a “family”, we help each other, we support each other when we are working, and we do have fun time ourselves. We have picnic, have BBQ…

Here is a picture slideshow video made by myself to show why I love this team, and many people are keen to join this team.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Time files as always! As a chinese student, this is my first time to celebrate Christmas in my life.

It was actually very good.

I think, to me, Christmas to western people is like the Chinese new year to me and all Chinese people. This is the time for family to get together, for friends to meet up with each other, for people to wish other people a “Merry Christmas!”

I spent nearly entire day with best friends in Australia to celebrate. Good food, nice talking, always make thinking about China.

At this time, I want to say Merry Christmas to all the people that I have come crossed, no matter we are friends, or no have not met, I wish you all the best with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

Byron Bay

If you want to enjoy your time with your friends, Byron Bay is a very good choice. Byron Bay is located in New South Wales, it is about 1.5 hours driving from Gold Coast, and 2.5 hours driving from Brisbane.

Byron Bay is a place which has interaction of peaceful and crowed. When you get top of the hill, you will have an entire view of this bay. Many people has wedding party here. When you downstairs the hill to beach, the sounds of ocean will make you to another spirit.

Surfer is a good experience here, waves are just good for surfing. There are not only adults surfs here, but also the the youths, kids learns how to surf as well.

Personally, I like Byron Bay, 3 hours enjoyed the nature, sea, environment, and fun with friends made my last weekend was so enjoyable.

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